And this is how it starts

Hello All!!

It’s been a while. A long while. Since 2009, I believe. Long enough for all of you to have grown, matured, changed, and, in the process, become supremely uninterested in what I have to say.

But I’m no Once-A-Pope Benedict whose name you’ll only remember when eating out for breakfast. Nope, not I. Because when you’re Virginia’s “most visible defender of the Freedom of Information Act and other manifestations of transparency in public life” (thanks, Gwynn; the check for your public relations work is in the mail), well the only thing that can keep you down is a 200-pound bag of Chee-toes, an orangey, cheese-dusted cross I am willing to bear. (But, while we’re on it, did I ever in a million years think I would grow up to be a FOIA geek? I mean, movie star, the next Nina Totenburg, yeah, sure. But FOIA? Take ya boots off in da FOIA before ya drip all over da rug, youse.)

ANYway, so yeah, I’m back and maybe not better than ever, but at least passing for decent.

Considering we all keep getting hitched and procreating and all, there are more of us to consider here in 2013 than there were in 2009. There were 37 total, which meant that, as in the past, I had to double some folks up. Since they’re newlyweds, or about to be newlyweds, and still believe in that ridiculous, I mean, sweet notion that two are as one, Sarah and Kiran are paired up, as are Daniel and Honor. And because my tiny little brain cannot fathom that I know my first cousin thrice removed, I have kept Rowan in the loving arms of his mother and father for the Lapidus Three of Us. Finally, because Dell imagines that he will be Gordon one day, D and G will be a team, too.

River, Jinx, Brook & Julep (reclining) shilling for Mac
River, Jinx, Brook & Julep (reclining) shilling for Mac

Alas, the ever present and sometimes cantankerous Cat Commissioners from years past have passed on to that great Fur Ball in the Sky. Our family grieved Sidney’s and Tiny’s passing by, you know, getting four new cats. (One more and we will officially be the crazy people at the end of the street with five cats.) The Final Four Felines  are now doing the officiating and they’ve picked some real winners (and losers) for us all.

So, without further ado, may I present the 13th Not-So-Annual, Occasionally Witty, Begrudgingly Expected, And Never To Be Missed (Insert Dual Meaning on THAT Word) Rhyne-Blyth-Patterson-Plus NCAA March Madness Mad House.

Click here for the brackets and breakdowns.


6 thoughts on “And this is how it starts

  1. Mike B

    Yea Megan, I knew you couldn’t stay down forever. The Cloud- nice touch and the Harvard fight sound is great make sure everyone listens to the words of Harvard Fight fiercely. Megan Rules

  2. Rebecca

    The feline commissioners must have gotten into the catnips before they assigned Louisville to me. Indignity #1 to be followed, if the seeds hold, with the specter of Louisville-Duke in the regional final. Some backroom deal may have to be accomplished between Elaine and me to switch off teams so we can each enjoy the game! I will have to swallow my indigestion over Pitino with the dessert of this being a Calipari-free tournament!
    Was thinking about past family brackets on the way to work this morning so was very pleased to see the latest version in my in box. Thanks Megan!

  3. Caroline

    Arizona and UNLV! Too bad I picked both of these teams to lose early on in all of my other brackets! This is really a highlight of my year. Rebecca I second your team trade with my mother. She better not be cheering for the other blue:)

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