Brackets & Breakdowns

The Not-So-Annual, Occasionally Witty, Begrudgingly Expected, And Never To Be Missed (Insert Dual Meaning on THAT Word) Rhyne-Blyth-Patterson-Plus NCAA March Madness Mad House

Beth South Dakota (13-S) Missouri (9-MW) 22
Carl Mississippi (12-W) Davidson (14-E) 26
Caroline Arizona (6-W) UNLV (5-E) 11
Christine, Dan & Rowan Florida (3-S) Oklahoma St. (5-MW) 8
Claire New Mexico (3-W) Colorado (10-E) 13
Daniel & Honor St. Mary’s (11-MW) Southern (16-W) 27
Dot Butler (6-E) San Diego State (7-W) 13
Dottie Michigan State (3-MW) Gonzaga (1-W) 4
Dub Kansas (1-S) Creighton (7-MW) 8
Ed Marquette (3-E) St. Louis (4-MW) 7
Elaine Memphis (6-MW) Duke (2-MW) 8
Elizabeth Wisconsin (5-W) Illinois (7-E) 12
Ellie Georgetown (2-S) Boise St./LaSalle (13-W) 15
Gordon & Dell Miami (2-E) Oklahoma (10-S) 12
Gwynn Western Kentucky (16-S) Indiana (1-E) 17
Jim Iowa St. (10-W) Notre Dame (7-W) 17
Joe UNC (8-S) N.C. State (8-E) 16
Karen Syracuse (4-E) Northwestern State (14-S) 18
Katy VCU (5-S) Cincinnati (10-MW) 15
Lee Harvard (14-MW) Kansas St. (4-W) 18
Libbie Ohio St. (2-W) Pittsburgh (8-W) 10
Martie Bucknell (11-E) Pacific (15-E) 26
Megan James Madison (16-E) Michigan (4-S) 20
Mike B UCLA (6-S) Colorado St. (8-MW) 14
Mike P N.C. A&T (16-MW) Akron (12-S) 28
Pierce Minnesota (11-S) Oregon (12-MW) 23
Rebecca Florida Gulf Coast (15-S) Louisville (1-MW) 16
Rhyne New Mexico St. (13-MW) Albany (15-MW) 28
Rivers Wichita St. (9-W) Villanova (9-S) 18
Robert Cal (12-E) Iona (15-W) 27
Sarah & Kiran Temple (9-E) Valparaiso (14-MW) 23
Susan Belmont (11-W) Montana (13-E) 24

So, how did the Feline Final Four do? I’d say if you’re Dottie, Ed, The Lapidus Three of Us, Dub and Elaine the cats know where it’s at. These folks all have the lowest seed total of us all — Dottie with an astounding total of 4! She and Dub have two of the #1 seeds, Gonzaga and Kansas, respectively — and remember when Gonzaga used to be the Cinderella of these annual shindigs? Gwynn and Rebecca own the other #1 seeds — Indiana and Louisville — and it is quite possible that Rebecca would rather have two losing play-in teams than to have to root for Louisville.

But don’t fret Rebecca, because I could hear a groan from Jacksonville all the way up here when Elaine realized she’d received Duke as her pick. While Rhynes and Pattersons would be pleased to be on the side of the evil, the Blyths lose their cotton-picking minds over these guys. Stay strong, Elaine. We all need you to organize everyone else’s funeral.

Joe is showing he is truly a member of this family — and he has to because there ain’t nary a dancer from Texas in this here ball — by waltzing off with North Carolina AND North Carolina State.  Now, all we have to do is convince him that vinegared pork is better than sweet-slathered brisket.

The Rhynes took it hard on the 16 seeds. Mike P, Brooklyn’s Best, Gwynn and, um, that would be me, have all the teams that are hoping against hope to be the first 16s in history to knock off a #1 seed. (Repeat: Mike P,  I don’t think Rebecca will be upset if that history maker is North Carolina A&T.)

The Texas Two-Step of Sarah and Kiran have the most holy combo of Temple and Valparaiso. The Coast-to-Coast award goes to Martie who has Bucknell and Pacific. While G&D have the Opposites Attract pair of Oklahoma and Miami. Claire shows she’s a western girl, not an East Coast one by taking New Mexico and Colorado. And the Close to Home award goes to Ellie, who has Georgetown.

Lots of our alma maters (and current schools) are represented here: UNC, Duke, N.C. State, Western Kentucky, Wisconsin, Colorado, James Madison and others I’m sure I’ve missed. And, of course, there’s Haaaahhh-vaaahhhd.

The last play-in game was being played as I posted this, but the full schedule ramps up tomorrow. With our smartphones, tablets, computers and cable, we have no excuse for missing a single moment of a single game. A high school play, birthday party, school fundraiser, board meeting and soccer games notwithstanding.

Good luck!

(P.S. Comments are a MUST!!)


One thought on “Brackets & Breakdowns

  1. Rebecca

    The inclusion of the Harvard fight song must have created the mojo that pushed The Crimson over the top last night. Go Lee (and Beth!)

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