Round 1 claims families’ first victims

It’s so sad to say goodbye….

The first round of the NCAA tournament is in the books, and while the Midwest region stayed absolutely true to form (no seed over 8 won), the South and the East regions saw some mild upsets and the West region bracket is just broken all to hell. Only 3 of the top 8 seeds made it through.

Brook sends his regrets to those of you who are all washed up after the first round.

And who were the family winners and losers? The first cut was the deepest for Beth, Claire, Brooklyn’s Best, Martie, Mike P, Rhyne and Susan. I’m afraid most of them didn’t have much of a chance from the outset, and only Dell was more thrilled than Mike B that Colorado State beat Beth’s Missouri. (Dell’s first entree into the world of bracketology has picked for the Final Four of Colorado St., Colorado, Iowa St. and UNC).

Those with one team still in the hunt are Carl, Caroline, The Lapidus Three of Us, Elizabeth, Ellie (Georgetown LOST??? LaSalle WON????), G&D, Gwynn, Jim (glass half full or half empty: his two teams played each other. I call glass half full because with Iowa St. winning, we don’t have to look at Notre Dame’s neon green socks/shoes anymore), Joe, Karen, Katy, Lee (Harvard fought fiercely), Libbie, Megan (Hail to the Victors, Mighty….), Mike B, Rivers, Robert & The Texas Two Step.

And then there are the embarrassment of riches folks. They have two teams moving on to the second round: Dot, Dottie, Dub, Ed, Elaine, Pierce (seriously? Minnesota and Oregon, 11 and 12, respectively?) and Rebecca (and I know NONE of you picked Florida Gulf Coast in your bracket).

The second round is about to start — literally, in just a few minutes — and I wish everyone luck (except for Katy, because as much as I love the “hometown” VCU Rams, daggone it, I want to win this thing!).


Carl Mississippi (12-W)
Caroline Arizona (6-W)
Christine, Dan & Rowan Florida (3-S)
Dot Butler (6-E) San Diego State (7-W)
Dottie Michigan State (3-MW) Gonzaga (1-W)
Dub Kansas (1-S) Creighton (7-MW)
Ed Marquette (3-E) St. Louis (4-MW)
Elaine Memphis (6-MW) Duke (2-MW)
Elizabeth Illinois (7-E)
Ellie LaSalle (13-W)
Gordon & Dell Miami (2-E)
Gwynn Indiana (1-E)
Jim Iowa St. (10-W)
Joe UNC (8-S)
Karen Syracuse (4-E)
Katy VCU (5-S)
Lee Harvard (14-MW)
Libbie Ohio St. (2-W)
Megan Michigan (4-S)
Mike B Colorado St. (8-MW)
Mike P
Pierce Minnesota (11-S) Oregon (12-MW)
Rebecca Florida Gulf Coast (15-S) Louisville (1-MW)
Rivers Wichita St. (9-W)
Robert Cal (12-E)
Sarah & Kiran Temple (9-E)

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