Two down, five to go

The lines at the concession stands during the tournament were beastly.

OK, raise your hand if you thought that Rebecca would be the only one of us to head into the Sweet 16 with both of her teams intact. Florida Gulf Coast? Really!? And not far behind in surprises is that Rivers is still in. The Shockers shocked a lot of us by beating Gonzaga, a #1 seed.

Many of us were NOT surprised to see Carolina go down in this round. The Boys in Blue hit a second half wall against the Boys in Bluer. The whole Dean Smith-Kansas-Roy Williams-UNC connection prohibits me from being too upset about the loss. And there are two ACC teams still in the mix, even if it means rooting for, gulp, Miami. I love my son and nephew, so not as hard as it might be otherwise.

Dot received the rudest awakening in this round — she went from two to zero teams in the blink of a 30-second time out.

And several others left us this round: Carl, Elizabeth, Jim (heart-breaking buzzer beater), Joe, Katy (“Yeah, sorry about that, Katy,” I said but did not mean), Lee, Mike B, Robert and the Texas Two Step.

Rebecca has her two teams, and those of us with still one team are: Caroline, The Lapidus Three of Us, Dottie, Dub, Ed, Elaine, Ellie, G&D, Gwynn, Karen, Libbie, Megan, Pierce and Rivers.

For those keeping score, and I know we all do, there are 6 Rhynes (not Rhyne Gulley), 5 Blyths, and 4 Pattersons. Two (Ed & Gwynn) of 4 of the Greatest Generation are left (50%), the Not So Bad Generation has of 6 of 15 (40%) and the Aspiring to Greatness Generation has of 7 of 13 (53%). Come on Middle Agers, let’s step up!!

The next round will feature the following match-ups:

Megan v. Dub
The Lapidus Three of Us v. Rebecca
Gwynn v. Karen
Ed v. G&D (I’m sure there’s a Shakespeare play about this type of thing)
Rebecca v. Pierce
Dottie v. Elaine (a Blyth internecine war)
Rivers v. Ellie
Caroline v. Libbie

So go out there and work real hard Monday through Wednesday so you can watch basketball all day Thursday and Friday.

Cheers to all!


Arizona (6-W)


Christine, Dan & Rowan

Florida (3-S)



Michigan State (3-MW)



Kansas (1-S)



Marquette (3-E)




Duke (2-MW)



LaSalle (13-W)

Gordon & Dell

Miami (2-E)




Indiana (1-E)


Syracuse (4-E)



Ohio St. (2-W)




Michigan (4-S)



Oregon (12-MW)


Florida Gulf Coast (15-S)

Louisville (1-MW)


Wichita St. (9-W)


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