No tickets. No entrance.
No tickets. No entrance.

And then there were 4

The talk of the 4th round was of Anthony Ware’s broken leg. Anyone who saw that in person must still be having nightmares. It was hard enough to see just Part I of it (the leg snapping) and not Part II (the accompanying wound) on TV were cringing for hours. Bless that boy’s heart (and I don’t mean that in a oh-you-misguided-little-idiot bless-your-heart way of the Southern Woman).

The obvious emotion and sympathy show by Ware’s teammates surely made it easier for Rebecca to swallow the defeat of her alma mater at the hands of the more important Family Pick. And who would have thought Michigan would pound the snot out of of those Gator snouts? I sure didn’t, but I’m happy to reap the rewards. The shocker is that the Shockers are in the Final 4 and so is the Syracuse Orange.

Two Rhynes (siblings, even), one Blyth, one Patterson.

Three middle generation, one younger generation.

Syracuse v. Michigan, aka Karen v. Megan

Louisville v. Wichita State, aka Rebecca v. Rivers

Game on!

Karen Syracuse (4-E)  
Megan   Michigan (4-S)
Rebecca   Louisville (1-MW)
Rivers Wichita St. (9-W)  



3 thoughts on “

  1. I’d note that Rebecca, Karen and I will be having dinner together tomorrow (Karen’s bringing Dot up to visit Ed), and I know I am not above slipping a little something into Karen’s wine if it will help Michigan beat Syracuse.

  2. Rebecca

    Never having considered Wichita St. one way or the other, it is odd to think that in 2015 this same lineup would be half ACC. I was just finally getting to the point that I could root for Florida St. against non-conference opponents (still choke on Miami but have at least graduated to neutrality), but the changing membership of the conference will be tough. I also don’t think that I’ve ever rooted for Michigan in anything except the annual football game against Ohio St., so Louisville is looking better and better to me.

  3. Mike B

    Boy did the CBS guys handle Ware’s injury in an outstanding manner. I didn’t want to see that again. I hope Louisville goes all the way. So lets go Rebecca I’m all in.

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