No time to gloat

Good morning, all!

I would have been in touch earlier, but I was busy burning a couch on my porch in celebration of my unlikely tournament win. I considered posting a long gloating rant, with references to the gold-plated food bowls and specially quilted cat litter the Cat Commissioners are now enjoying. Instead, I’ll thank you all for indulging me in this silly tradition. I enjoy hearing from you and I love the opportunity to connect virtually each year.

And, since 9 years ago today I woke up single, and went to sleep married, I bring you this photo from 2005. If I could master PhotoShop, I’d insert all the missing family members and the newly added ones, for you are all there in some spirit.


All the love to you!



For Four

Greeting Down to Earthlings —

I was momentarily lulled into blissful ignorance (as opposed to my usual unblissful ignorance) by the official arrival of spring weather. The budding trees, the cheerful daffodils, the randy birds, they all conspired to make me forget the pain of losing my teams in the family basketball challenge.

What’s that you say? What, UConn is still in? In the Final Four? 1. 2. 3. 4.? Why, I had no ideeeea.

Dell, of course, knows that I am utterly insincere since I taunted him mercilessly, like a young Deion Sanders, when his Iowa State Cyclone were mere dog bones to the mighty Huskies. Rough-Rough!

UConn then got past The Donner Party’s (and Obama’s pick) Michigan State, who, in turn came out of the third round to beat Libby’s UVA, the ACC’s last best hope.

So, yeah, UCon is still in. So is Florida. Rivers faced sudden suicide when in the Round of 16, his Gators faced his Bruins of UCLA. In a close game, Florida then beat out the upstart Dayton Flyers, Elaine’s team who impressively surged past Elizabeth’s Stanford to get to the Elite 8.

EdGwynn’s hung tough when the #1 seed Arizona beat Pierce’s San Diego State, but then took it on the chin from Caroline’s Wisconsin Badgers (that is, if badgers can reach a wildcat’s chin). Wisconsin beat out Jim’s Baylor Bears to be the third Final Four team and the only one without blue in its colors.

The final Final Four team is Kentucky, who first overcame cross-state rival Louisville, which may have been the first time I actively rooted for the Cardinals, not because I wanted Libby to triumph over her son, but because me no likely Kentucky. Sorry Rhyne. To get to the Final Four, Rupp’s Raiders squeaked out a win over Gordon’s Michigan, who earlier took out Christine’s Tennessee.

Out after the Round of 16 were Christine, Dell, Elizabeth, Jim, Libby and Pierce. No one has both teams any longer, but the eight remaining with one team were Caroline, the Donner Party, EdGwynn, Elaine, Gordon, Megan, Rhyne and Rivers.

Caroline Wisconsin – 2W
Daniel & Honor Michigan St. – 4E
Ed & Gwynn Arizona – 1W
Elaine Dayton – 11S
Gordon Michigan – 2M
Megan UConn – 7E
Rhyne Kentucky – 8M
Rivers Florida – 1S

After the Elite 8, we said farewell to the Donner Party, EdGwynn, Elaine and Gordon. Left to duke it out (since Duke didn’t) are Caroline, Megan, Rhyne and Rivers. That’s one Blyth, one Rhyne (not you, Rhyne) and two Pattersons (that’s you, Rhyne).

Caroline Wisconsin – 2W
Daniel & Honor
Ed & Gwynn
Megan UConn – 7E
Rhyne Kentucky – 8M
Rivers Florida – 1S

Saturday is Megan v. Rivers and Caroline v. Rhyne.

I’m hoping my Patterson and Blyth cousins will root for UConn since I am the sole survivor of our generation. Who do these young whippersnappers think they are!?

Happy watching, and happy spring!