Winner winner, badger dinner

Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils and Family Challenge winner Joe Salvato!


I’m sure the Duke side of our family is pleased, too, and I trust Claire is taking the Wisconsin loss with typical Blyth grace and humor.

Thanks to all for playing along. I’ve had a lot of fun, and I love this annual opportunity to reconnect with you all.

Have a happy spring, and WATCH THIS SPACE.



4 thoughts on “Winner winner, badger dinner

  1. Absolutely priceless picture. I think they should put it on their mantel forever and ever. Actually, I have to thank our men in Austin, since it must have been their collective juju or mojo or maybe even mole that pushed the Blue Devils to the win. Carl’s willingness to put aside his antipathy for the deeply disliked Dookies, to root for the honor of the ACC takes a big heart, and a stronger stomach. Thanks Megan!!


    Thanks to Megan for showing us that basketball, like life, is best shared with loved ones. And thanks to the Cat Commissioners for overseeing such a class act.

    What a game! Wisconsin made it interesting but by the end there was no doubt that Dook had the better talent. And speaking of talent..can you believe Duke’s freshmen?! Damn Coach K–he’s a good strategist AND recruiter. Congrats to all the Dook graduates: Dub, Rebecca, Libby.


    BTW… impressive digital skills, Megan. I knew your were a social media nerd (Facebook and Twitter) but I didn’t know you had photoshop skills too. Hmmm…I think you might be spending too much time in cyberspace, no?

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