I forget about my troubles / when I’m riding on my Bubbles / in the morrrrning

Have you met Bubbles? Bubbles is Mike’s 50th birthday present to his ever-nagging, long-suffering, only wife. She’s a black Vespa that has made my daily trips to the Williamsburg post office much more enjoyable.

Since I’m now in the two-wheel club with Jim, I’ve been trying to emulate his many exploits. Remember when he navigated the autopistas of Central and South America, taking photos along the way and graciously sharing with us his observations, thoughts and tales?

Well, here’s my own travel blog chronicling a similar journey:

Going Postal: An Epic Journey to the Post Office
on North Boundary Street and Back.

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday? I can see why you’d be fooled, but no. It’s really me! Starting out on the journey of a lifetime on Bubbles.
My first setback. The authorities ignored my reasonable request to remove all vehicles and red lights from my route. But I am undaunted. Nothing will keep me from the post office!
Well. Almost nothing. The William & Mary student is in stable condition. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases runs out Jan. 14, 2018.
Back on the road. I WILL prevail. I must be going at least 14 mph in this photo. Not everyone is as skilled as I am.
This stop light business is completely unacceptable. And why does this guy want to Kill Bergen?


Victory is mine! I want to thank all the little people who helped gazed adoringly on me as I faced multiple trials, battled obstacles, and stared down a terrifying case of chapped lips.

Oh, and congratulations to our Sweet Sixteen victors. Four ACC teams out of the remaining eight. The Coates family was wiped out when the seeds held to form and pushed Maryland, Gonzaga and Miami were all blown away.

The Survivors are still pretty representative of the family. The Force — the greatest generation — is still in, as are the second-to-youngest generation, with Elizabeth, Katie and Sarah. The first cousins are represented by Rebecca, Robert and Susan. And the Sufferers are hanging tough, too. Of the six individuals left, there are three Pattersons, two Blyths and one Rhyne.

Drink lots of caffeine tonight and tomorrow so you can stay up to watch the second games for each. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “I forget about my troubles / when I’m riding on my Bubbles / in the morrrrning

  1. Jim

    Glad you made it! I flunked my training course and landed the bike on my ankle. Not something you want to try !! You and Bubbles stay upright and between the lines (as a charming hotel lady told me once at 4 am in Wytheville).

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